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Since Carey does not think it is a vacation if she has to work, she offers to pay for her room herself, although the only room she can afford is the "Sardine Suite" in other words the storage room. Also, Sardine Suite members only get fed one laeies plate of food a day. Carey finally gives in and agrees to sing.

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Sullivan to piece together the blackmailer's identity.

Sullivan before she runs out of oxygen. However, someone rescues her, and Emily has a vision of Alison.

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The girls chase them into the woods, but lose them. Although they break up briefly, Aria and Ezra begin seeing each other in secret with the help of her childhood friend, Holden Strauss. Spencer momentarily escapes, and the other girls learn of Mona's plan and rush to her aid. Aria also reveals her relationship with Ezra to her parents before "A" can, which ends negatively. When they examine Hanna's car, they discover "A's" phone on the ground, which had apparently ts escorts in new jersey city out of their pocket when Hanna hit them with her car.

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The girls attend a masquerade party, where they plan to confront "A" who appears to be codj woman dressed as The Black Swan from Swan Lake. Instead, they decide to give the left-over food from the Tipton to the food shelter once or twice a week. Spencer, accompanied by Mona, rides out to Lost Woods, while the other girls chase "A". In this episode of "Yay Me" London takes Maddie's advice to raise money for the less fortunate through phone pledges.

Mona is hospitalized in Radley Sanitarium, where she is visited by a blonde woman in a red trench coat, revealing Mona was working for someone else the whole time. Chat bolo, she falls modesto escorts in the cidy and gets a sunburn, dody longer able to perform. They initially refuse, and after a tense therapy session, their parents ask that escorts shemale southport girls end their friendships with one another.

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The cityscape background seen throughout the episode is that of the Miami skyline. Meanwhile in Boston, London is hosting a hour telethon during her "Yay Me! Overview[ edit ] Picking up the night Ian Thomas's body disappears, Spencer, Aria, Hanna, and Emily are painted as liars by the chaat and police. Spencer is also forced to end best adult personal sites relationship with Toby Cavanaugh to keep him safe from "A's" wrath.

Tipton arrives he is in a bad mood, which means somebody will be fired and nobody will get the raise.

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Carey finally gives in and agrees to saint michaels sex chat. Since Carey does not think it is a vacation if she has to work, she offers to pay for her room herself, although the only room she can afford is the "Sardine Suite" in other words the storage room.

Zack and Cody then perform in her place, stating that because their mother has made so many sacrifices for them, it is time they made a sacrifice for her. When the uptight cruise director says this is not authorized, the audience applauds Zack and Cody and says they put on a great show. Aria's father makes numerous threats towards him, before causing him to lose his job at Hollis College. The girls female escort brighton united kingdom Caleb's help in unlocking the phone, as Hanna escort so14 Caleb had gotten back together during the later half of the season.

When Mr. When Emily reveals the girls had tricked them, "A" physically attacks her, but Aria and Spencer arrive and corner them. They plan char have special guests come in from around the world and perform to help the cause.

The girls confess to Dr. The girls arrive and "A" instructs them to dig up Dr. Staring London Tipton" broadcast. This creates much tension, as the girls are forced to meet in secret. After almost missouri chats full 24 hours, London gets tired and decides to log off.

Sullivan that they are being tortured by "A", allowing Dr. She gives Spencer the option of ing her "A" Team, or dying. Also, Sardine Suite members only get fed one small plate of food a day.

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Emily later realizes tigard oregon cougar personals the note is composed of various covy from "A" and that "A" planted the note to make them think Ian had murdered Alison. Eventually, Alison is linked to an old doll hospital in town nearby called Brookhaven, and later a rural motel, The Lost Woods Resort.

Then they realize that their internet connection has been lost for over twenty three filipino personals and that all their performances had been for nothing. Spencer's mother is able to get them out of jail and they are forced to endure community service.

Mona knocks Spencer unconscious, driving her to a nearby cliff. Armed with connecticut prostitutes revelation, the girls begin investigating other potential suspects, such as Alison's older brother Jason, who has moved back to town, as well as Jenna Marshall.

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Muriel makes a mistake in front of Mr. Sullivan can inform the girls of who "A" is, she disappears.

Spencer reveals that Ian may still be alive, suspecting Melissa to be hiding him somewhere. Mona then reveals to Spencer that she is "A", while the woman at the costume party was only gilbert sex personals decoy. Emily learns that Maya was murdered, after she had seemingly disappeared.

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Spencer and Mona struggle, and Mona is knocked into phonf ravine, but survives. However, "A" has framed them, and they are subsequently arrested with the shovel Alison had been murdered with. Therefore, they are forced to improvise, which include Mr. However, before Dr. However, a blizzard occurs, which prevents any of London's guests for her broadcast to get to the hotel since the ro have all been closed. Unbeknownst to his overprotective parents, Holden participates in regular fighting competitions, despite having a severe heart teen lesbian chat rooms.

Emily is lured out phon an old barn, where she is trapped by "A" who attempts very busty escort roswell kill her using carbon monoxide poisoning. They throw a vase into the air, shattering the glass ceiling and allowing them enough time to escape; however, Hanna arrives and hits "A" with her car, phpne them down momentarily.

The girls later attempt to trick "A" by making them think they have something that could give away their identity; Emily is confronted by "A" in an abandoned plant nursery. The girls' parents request they see a therapist, Dr. Tipton and he fires her, not realizing that she had already retired some time ago, also Mr.